My Invisible Website

I like to think that I'm a pretty good judge of my own character. That is if you were to ask me to describe myself and one of my friends to describe me, both of our descriptions would be very similar. My view of myself is neither substantially better nor worse than someone else's might … Continue reading My Invisible Website

Cubical Monkey Evolution

I've always been a writer in that I've always written in some manner --- stories, poems, journals. But before I struck out as a freelance writer, I spent better than twenty years working in Human Resources departments for a number of companies in Southern California. I'd chased a steady paycheck rather than following my dreams … Continue reading Cubical Monkey Evolution

Almost Famous

I think many writers would tell you that when they have thoughts of making a living as a writer, they imagine the career of John Irving, J.K.Rowling, George Beard, or the novelist, journalist or poet they most respect and admire. I'm no different. I dream about Raspberry Sassafras, the main character in my series of … Continue reading Almost Famous

Do What You Love

"Do what you love and you'll never work another day in your life." That familiar quote has been attributed to everyone from Confucius to Mark Twain to Mark Anthony. I don't know if any of those three actually said it or if it was someone else. What I do know is that whoever said it … Continue reading Do What You Love