Did You Hear The News?

On a recent post I mentioned that I had been presented with a possible opportunity to work with someone who has the ability to whip my sites and my books and my online presence and my brand all into shape. The problem is that I'm good at writing and creating, but not so great at … Continue reading Did You Hear The News?

Customized and Personalized

I recently completed my latest customized children's book, Truman's Terrific Truck.  Why I chose to call it that when "terrific" is one of those words I simply can't spell on my own is beyond me. But, thanks to spellcheck and auto-correct, I managed to make it through the entire process. When I produce these books, … Continue reading Customized and Personalized

My Invisible Website

I like to think that I'm a pretty good judge of my own character. That is if you were to ask me to describe myself and one of my friends to describe me, both of our descriptions would be very similar. My view of myself is neither substantially better nor worse than someone else's might … Continue reading My Invisible Website

The Ghostess With The Mostest

I've been doing a fair bit of ghostwriting lately and I take my non-disclosure agreements (NDA) seriously. I never share anything about my work. It makes me feel proud of myself but in an undeserving way. Like when I pat myself on the back for doing laundry or loading the dishwasher or some such other … Continue reading The Ghostess With The Mostest