The Mandatory 3:00am Post

In my last post, I wrote about a book I have, 642 Things To Write About, and the fact that I hadn’t written about any of the suggested topics in the book. I invited readers to give me a page number in the comments section and promised to write about whatever topic was on that page.  Although my post received a number of likes (thank you very much!), my invitation was met with crickets and a lonely tumbleweed blowing down a dusty road.

That is until my good buddy Gillette came to the rescue. Not only did she confirm that she did indeed gift me with 642 Things To Write About — I had previously been unable to remember if the book was a purchase or a present, but she also jumped right into the comments and hit me with a page number (81, in case you’re interested).

Grateful was I that she didn’t pick a higher number because the good people at the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto deemed it unnecessary to number the pages of 642 Things To Write About. So after carefully counting my way to page 81 I found the topic, and the topic was this:

“Set your alarm for 3:00 a.m., wake up, and write the first thing that comes to mind.”

Now, to be honest, it is 3:00am but I didn’t actually set my alarm. I’m a bit of a night owl (aka insomniac) and I am often up into the wee hours, as I am now. But, had I not been up, I would have gotten up to write this, because Gillette was good enough to leave a comment and I promised to write about whatever came up in the comments. And I like to keep my promises. Especially to Gillette.

Gillette is not her real name. Because that would be cruel. Unless you’re a Hollywood person, I suppose. Then you can just name your child damn thing you want and just pay people to keep them from getting beat up on the playground, I guess.

She means the world to me. And I don’t say that lightly. Family aside, I can count on one hand the number of people in my “mean the world” category. Gillette is my most recent addition. And it’s not that I don’t have friends or make friends easily. I do. I like people and people like me. I’m a likable type. I just don’t make friends like Gillette often.

Aside from being funny and brilliant and creative and compassionate and kind, she’s determined. And I think that’s the key to being my friend. In a way, I have to be taken hostage, because I tend to drift. I’m definitely an introvert and can be something of a recluse. I have to be drawn out and it can take a while.

Gillette was determined to be my friend and she didn’t give up on me and my weird ways. And I must admit, I was a bit suspicious at first, wondering why this girl wanted to be my friend. She’s quite a bit younger than I am. I mean, there was a time when we couldn’t have been friends because when I was buying my first condo she couldn’t drive yet, so that would have made hanging out tough. And weird. Even now one of her favorite hobbies is teasing me about my age-related infirmities.

But I’m glad she didn’t back off and that I got over my suspicions because her friendship is a true gift and I’m grateful every day that I’m lucky enough to have it.

And that is what was on my mind this morning at 3:00am. Now, where’s my coffee??


One thought on “The Mandatory 3:00am Post

  1. Flouncy, you know how to make this cold dead heart of mine flood with love & gratitude—I love that post so much. I could never hope for a better, more badass, generous or talented friend.
    PS You’re so old.


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